Window Tint

Window tint films & installation at its finest.

It’s like sunglasses for your whole vehicle. Proper tint films protect your vision, blocks out harmful uv-rays, and provides an abundance of privacy and comfort.

Without tint, driving becomes a daunting experience. Furthermore, sunlight damages everything from the interior of your vehicle to your skin and eyes. When the sun goes down, the headlights of the vehicles driving behind you are blinding. You need tint.

Add privacy, reduce glare, block out heat, and protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful uv-rays. When you pick up your new vehicle from the dealership, tint is one of the most important and necessary additions you want to come in for.

For our eyes and skin we have sunglasses and sunblock. For cars, we have window tint, which does it all.

Not all window tints are created equal. Hole-in-the-wall shops don’t stay in business long enough to see their work bubble, turn purple, brown, or even turn clear. Their cheap films do not last. Furthermore, their upsell to a better tint is not even that much better. We plan on being here for the next 5 years, 10 years, and more so It is our pledge to serve you with the very best tint work and brand that outlives its lifetime warranty.

At WrapArmor, we offer Rayno Phantom Series. Rayno Phantom Series is a Nano-Carbon Ceramic Series Tint Film. How does this compare with the classic Ceramic? Nano-Carbon Ceramic is the newest patented tint film that surpasses all ceramic tint films in areas of heat-blocking performance, infrared & uv ray rejection. Best of all your tint is protected by lifetime warranty.