PPF Clearbra

Protect the value of your vehicle’s factory paint.

One chip could wreck it all. Get your paint protection clearbra before it’s too late.

There is nothing more harmful to your vehicle’s value than chipped paint. One chip could wreck it all. It is only a matter of time your paint gets damaged while on the road, parked, or at the race track. A new paint job to cover up the damage will never be the same. Don’t hold off. Add protection now and safeguard your paint. The sooner you add ppf clearbra, the better. The time is now.

Whether your vehicle is used for racing, overlanding, commuting, or weekend cruising, paint protection films is an absolute must to preserve the pristine condition of your factory paint.

At WrapArmor, we offer paint protection film by Suntek. We offer 3 styles of film. For a factory gloss finish, we offer Suntek PPF Clear. For a matte finish, we offer Suntek PPF Matte. For an extreme level of protection, such as for offroading, we offer Suntek PPF Ultra Defense.

Suntek film is one of the longest standing film manufactures in the industry with less hype and more results. Suntek films are self healing, which means scratches are reversible by heat, sun, or warm water. Furthermore, Suntek films have the least amount of orange peel texture, which makes it truly the best and most invisible protection film out of all its competitors.